The world’s first patented shaving brush for sensitive skin, our Bullseye Shaving Brush™ was designed exclusively for use with SHAVEWISE Smooth Shave Cream. It helps ensure the right amount of product is used for each shave and its fast-acting Turbo Aeration Channel™ creatives a rich and protective lather that softens your hair, raises your whiskers and allows for an incredibly comfortable shave.

Bullseye Brush is right on target every time. Featuring pure badger bristles, our brush is gentle on your skin for a luxurious feeling on your face. And because it’s extra-large, you can quickly lather large areas of your beard or head. What’s more, the extra-large handle makes it easy to hold and to use, even when wet. And, no brush stand is needed!


To begin, wet the shaving brush knot thoroughly with hot water for 15 seconds and then remove any excess water.

Next, fill the center “bullseye” with SHAVEWISE™ Smooth Shave Cream. Using circular motions, work the brush around your beard area. Make sure all areas to be shave are covered. Allow the lather to penetrate and soften hair for 2 minutes before you start shaving.

Always shave in the direction of hair growth (“with the grain”) using a quality double edge safety razor. Remember, NEVER shave against the grain as this can cause irritation or ingrown hair. After you’ve finished shaving, rinse your face with cool or warm water to remove any remaining lather.

To clean the Bullseye Brush, rinse it under running cold water Rinse brush by running cold water in the center bullseye and around the aeration channel. Remove excess water by shaking the brush while holding it upside down from side to side or use a dry towel to gently squeeze the brush knot.

Now that you’ve finished, stand the brush upright on its handle to air dry.

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